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                  HEZE J-UNITED CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

                  Foaming agent , Disinfector , Electronic Chemicals , Stabilizers , Preservatives

                  Tel: +86-18605305732

                  About Us


                  Heze J-united Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is currently relocated to the Marine Chemical Industry Park in Hou Town of Shouguang city; Heze J-united Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has merged with Shouguang Nuomeng Chemical Co. Ltd and acquired 240,120 square meters of land. Covering an area of nearly 400,200 square meters, we now employ 360 people, including 120 technician with middle and senior titles. Now, we are mainly engaged in the research, development and production of 60,000 tons/year of high-end new material rubber and plastic foaming agents, crosslinking agents, plasticizers, activators, anti-scorching agents, acceleratants, vulcanizing agents, bactericides, stabilizers, softeners, toughening agents, nucleating agents, antistatic agents, tackifiers, adhesion promoters, brighteners, fluxes, rust inhibitants, cutting agents, and flame retardants, including 15,000 tons/year of high-end rubber and plastic foaming agent; 20,000 tons/year of modified polymer new material rubber and plastic auxiliaries; 5,000 tons/year of high-efficient and quick-acting disinfectants and bactericides; 20,000 tons of new material pharmaceutical intermediates. The production scale and quality of our products are in a leading position of China. At present, our company has an independent R&D synthesis department, a polymer R&D testing center and a quality inspection center, as well as 6 pilot plants, involving chlorination, chlorosulfonation, bromination, amination, alkylation, reduction, condensation, esterification and polymerization, etc. Moreover, our western subsidiary is engaged in nitrification, hydrochlorination and other processes. We are also specializing in the innovative development of new products and materials such as various sulfonyl chlorides, sulfamides, sulfinates, sulfones, and sulphonate, etc. Our company adheres to a high starting point, high technical level, high product quality, high standards of safety and environmental protection, an intrinsically safe, clean and circular long-term sustainable safety and environmental protection automated reaction synthesis production device.

                  Adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, innovative and pragmatic", and abiding by the tenet of "integrity cooperation, mutual benefit, and cooperate for a bright future", our company expands business and strengthens enterprise in accordance with such model of technological innovation first, honest business, high quality and low price, and excellent service, and then makes our enterprise full of scientific and technological innovation vitality, as well as actively explores the competitive advantage of our product in the market. Our company wholeheartedly welcomes domestic and foreign customers to join hands and make joint ventures with us in all aspects to make the products with market competitiveness bigger and stronger. We sincerely welcome polymer materials/organic synthesis related talents and colleges with innovation ability, high quality and responsibility to work with us for mutual development!

                  CONTACT US

                  Domestic Sales Department:
                  +86-13869682027 +86-13011678096

                  Foreign trade import and export company:
                  +86-15953646030 +86-18363669993

                  +86-13505739799 +86-18605305732

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